Thursday, December 16, 2010

blog 10

       as i progress in writting (what ever writting that is) will have to try watch out for run-ons and fragment sentences, and in addition i will also have to remember hwo to write a paragraph. i will also have to save some more time away from work and facebook, and spend more time on writing my paper. what i have learned in this class will also help me to type better papers in the future. what made mefeel best ofbout me writing was that i wrote OK papers(not the best neither the worst).     
        when i get done with college i think that i'll go back for automotive desighn. and hopefully get get a job with jeep or some kind of car company and try to bring back the international and jeep truck lines. and that is about it

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blog spot #4

There are many things that interest me. I have many hobbies, such as, fishing, hunting, well just being outside in general. Like taking two or five mile hike on a nature trail, or just go outside somewhere. Or go camping with a scout troop or with my family at my grandpas’ farm. I also like to go to the shooting range and shoot some targets. And I also like to go work and away from the crazy home for a while, and put in a few hours once in a while.

Blog spot #3

What I learned about myself after writing all these papers is that I have a lot of trouble typing the requirement length of papers. And that it is very few and in between, when I type a required length paper. Another thing that I learned about me papers is that I have a lot of trouble with run-ons and fragment sentience and that I can’t get out of the grove of putting at least two or three run-ons  in one paragraph. It has gotten pretty bad. I always have trouble spotting the run-ons and fragment sentences.   

Blog #2

I’ve got a lot more problems than I do anything else. My main problems are run-ons and starting the paper when I am supposed to start the paper. I suppose that I should start the paper and journals or blogs that I’m supposed do.  I am one of those kinds of people that like to all if not everything with school at the last moment. But my parents are starting to get on my case, about me starting my school homework at the last moment. And I’m beginning to notice that since I’m starting my homework late, that it is bringing my grades down and is giving me too much to worry about.